Spring Show 2016

Wow, another great show. Personally, I was in there every day to buy up on plants, buy raffle tickets in the hope of winning some of the great prizes (this I failed at, yet again), and of course, check out the great displays of orchids. While I was there selfishly seeking plants to add to my collection, I noted that many of the same people were present, volunteering their time to make the show the great event that it always is. I can only imagine the efforts involved to put on the show that is enjoyed by many. I won’t name the folks, they, and many of us know who they are, but, I would like to personally thank them for their efforts.

Congratulations to the owner of the this year’s Grand Champion, Tony Kendrick. I will find out the name of your winning plant, and place it here.

For those who missed out, or those who just love orchids, check out the gallery.

TOS 2016 Grand Champion